Welcome to Ribboncandy


About Ribbon Candy 

Ribbon Candy is a homegrown label that makes handmade apparel and accessories for little girls. 
We source our fabrics thoughtfully, curating the most authentic and breathable cottons suited for Indian climate. Every outfit and hair accessory is made by hand and has a unique story behind it. Our hair accessories are shaped into quirky characters, floral motifs and bows. Our outfits incorporate wearable silhouettes that are stylish, fun, and super comfy. We make sure we weave in a little bit of love in everything we make.

Our Philosophy 

Founded by Meghna Gandhi, mother of two little girls, Ribbon Candy is about love and compassion. In a world full of fast fashion, we take the time to put some thought behind our quality and design. With a wealth of wonderful fabrics and skilled handwork in India, we’re helping revive the idea of buying locally and being proud of your roots. 

P.S: We also love to have a lot of fun while we’re at it. Expect frills, ribbons and lots of tutus! 

Fashion With Love — Social Responsibility 

We believe in making our products locally and ethically. Our workshop employs local women, supporting and empowering them with employment. Our hair accessories are made of upcycled, surplus material from our outfits, with an effort to minimise waste. Slowly and steadily, we’re trying to raise awareness about sustainable fashion, helping inculcate these values in our children at a young age.