You will all agree that keeping the kids gainfully engaged is a challenge in itself. I’m sure you have tried various things and I too have left no stone unturned.

After various trials, I have figured that my kids love crafts – much to my relief!  I am a total DIY sucker to say the least. Like all you mothers, I am constantly juggling between kids, responsibilities at work, duties at home and family and social commitments. As a result I usually plan quick and easy activities that do not require too much prep.

  1. Finger puppets

             This is a fun indoor activity and a great savior when the rain gods make sure that kids cannot venture outdoors.

             Materials required:

             Some card stock or any thick paper,


             Googly eyes (optional)

             Sketch pens / paints / crayons

             Lots of imagination


             Just draw the figures you see here on the paper. Colour the puppet in your favourite colour and cut out the legs/ trunk              etc of the animal for the fingers to pass thru!


             Its easy-peasy and super fun!

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