A Timeless Chocolate Cake Recipe:

Baking a cake is not just fun, but also full of new learning encounters. I always loved baking with my mother and now my daughters and I love to bake together. It is a great bonding activity and it has always made precious moments for us that we will cherish.

Our favourite part about baking together is putting in our efforts towards something and then waiting for it to materialize. We get so impatient that, often we just sit in front of the oven, looking at the batter transform into a hot, delicious cake! This part of baking is a good lesson of hope and anticipation for my daughters.

We love and are absolutely nostalgic about this old Tarla Dalal recipe. We have a lot of fun while baking the cake. We love every part of the process - from planning, buying the ingredients, mixing and folding in the batter… till our entire house is full of the yummy cake smell and our hearts and tummies are happy in satisfaction!

Here’s the recipe for our favourite chocolate cake:


3 eggs

170 grams butter or margarine (We like to use Amul butter)

170 grams powdered sugar/castor sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa (we use the brand ‘Bluebird’)

1 tablespoon chocolate powder (again ‘Bluebird’, however ‘Cadbury’s’ works very well too)

140 grams self-rising flour (this one too is ‘Bluebird’)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

½ tea-cup milk

*Optional - Chocolate chips or chocolate chunks. (While this ingredient is optional, we love to use lots of the ‘Morde’ brand dark chocolate bar. We grate some of this into the batter or sometimes, just add big chunks. The taste of the soft melted chocolate in the baked cake is just divine!)

*Tip – We usually like to double all the ingredients and make a double sized cake…. We love it so much that it soon polishes off!


   1        Grease and dust a 200mm diameter tin. We use our various silicon moulds, which don’t need any greasing. Plus, we like to experiment with all shapes and sizes of moulds.

   2        Sieve the flour, chocolate powder and cocoa together.

   3        In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar very well. These days we use an Osterizer to do this. However, I can clearly remember my mom beating the butter and sugar with a wooden spoon in a large bowl. It was very tiring and took forever! Yet our mother baked this lovely cake whenever we even hinted for it…. Love you, MOM!

  4        When light and creamy, add eggs, one at a time, beating thoroughly each time. This was my favourite step as a kid and is my kids’ favourite step too. We love to break the eggs and see how they blend in with the rest of the batter.

  5        Fold in all the flour very lightly.

  6        Add milk until the mixture forms a dropping consistency.

  7        Add the vanilla essence.

  8        Pour the mixture into the greased tin or the silicon moulds.

  9        Bake in a hot oven at 400*F for 10 minutes. Thereafter, reduce the temperature to 300*F and bake 15 minutes more.

*Tip – To check if the cake is baked, remove from the oven and stick in a clean toothpick. If the batter sticks to it and is soft, the cake still needs to bake. We like the cake slightly brown at the edges so we leave it in the oven slightly longer.

If you use smaller moulds like cupcake ones, the cake will be ready much faster. So keep an eye on it!

  10    Cool the cake if you like, decorate with butter icing or walnuts or cherries etc.

Dig in and enjoy!!